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Equal Opportunities and Diversity: Anona Development Consultancy promotes and celebrates diversity, intersectionality and inclusion, working to a high ethical standard and ensuring that respect and anti-discriminatory practice is built into all aspects of our work.




Dynamic participatory, strategy, facilitation and training for your large and small organisations. Specialist in diversity, gender, race, and international development, drawing on personal experience of more than 35 years as a feminist activist in the women’s movement and human rights worldwide, and in connecting communities in the UK and Africa in her role as Queen of Development of her family village in Ghana.

The feedback was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Esua has a good sense of humour which puts people at ease and she is able to take on board the unexpected and work with it.

(Save the Children)




Confidential one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions that help you reevaluate your life and your work and your skills and cover new possibilities and new directions.

Develop your organisational, leadership, communication and interpersonal skills. 

I found the mentoring sessions fantastically useful, giving me space for my own development. Your questioning approach is particularly effective, so that I arrive at the answers for myself, backed up by advice from your extensive experience.

(Marcia Asare, Mentoring Client)



Esua’s memoir The Space Between Black and White charts the extraordinary story of her life, growing up in 1950s London as the mixed-race daughter of a single, white mother before connecting with her Ghanaian heritage in later life. Engaging and heart-warming, it illuminates Esua’s journey of self-discovery and uncovers truths that could help a new generation of mixed-race people.

The Space Between Black and White’ is a beautifully written, searingly honest, frank, emotional, and occasionally humorous roller-coaster of an autobiography. The writer lays bare the trials and tribulations, disappointments, successes and joys of her life during a long search for belonging and identity.

(Amazon Review)

Esua is a seasoned and entertaining performer, and an inspiring public speaker on a wide range of equalities issues. Her speeches and multimedia presentations are lively, humorous, and informative, using story-telling and personal experience to inspire and create a lasting impact.


Esua has the knack of appearing to speak personally to every individual in a large audience - personal participation and mass communication rolled into one! She wears her considerable learning lightly, making powerful points while engaging the audience with her rare mix of warmth, humour, storytelling and incisive intelligence.

Esua's Clients include:

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