"Knowing who you are, where you’re from, 

and your beginnings, 

is the only way you can find out where you’re going, 

and who and what you can become."

Illuminating her inner journey growing up mixed-race in Britain, Esua Jane Goldsmith's unique memoir exposes the isolation and ambiguities that often come with being ‘an only’. 


Raised in 1950s South London and Norfolk with a white, working-class family, Esua’s education in racial politics was immediate and personal. From Britain and Scandinavia to Italy and Tanzania, she tackled inequality wherever she saw it, establishing an inspiring legacy in the Women’s lib and Black Power movements.


Plagued by questions of her heritage and the inability to locate all pieces of herself, she embarks on a journey to Ghana to find the father who may have the answers. 


A tale of love, comradeship, and identity crises, Esua’s rise to the first Black woman president of Leicester University Students’ Union and Queen Mother of her village, is inspiring, honest, and full of heart.

(Jacaranda Publishing)

"The Space Between Black and White" a Mixed-Race memoir by Esuantsiwa Jane Goldsmith. Released 3rd March 2020

Esua’s memoir embodies the saying that ‘the personal is political’. This compelling, funny, honest autobiography traces Esua’s rich and complex life with humour, letting her resilient spirit shine through. Esua is an engaging writer, telling her story through a mix of straight narrative and extracts from teenage diaries, letters and other documents. These capture the rawness of strong emotion and her own sparky, indomitable spirit.


Esua tells us that ‘living with ambiguity is an art’ and the memoir beautifully examines those ambiguities and contradictions that make up a whole person. It’s a book to be treasured.


(Kate Morrison, Author, “A Book of Secrets”)

The writing is so vivid, witty and vulnerable.

What a helluva story it is! I'm so happy you are sharing this with the world.

(Susan Dale, Founder, HaluHalo, Mixed-Race Platform)

Esua pictured here reading her memoir for Audible

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